Scene 2 Panel 1 lettered
Scene 2 Panel 2 lettered
Scene 2 Panel 3 lettered
Scene 2 Panel 4 lettered

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Indistinguishable – 05/25/2023

Damn, I'm good.

Claire's back! And hard at work! If you saw the preview images, you knew about it, but she's also sporting a new look, too! I'm liking what she's done. She's got a lot more to do, so we'll be seeing more of her.

The fictional encryption system I developed for this is kinda interesting, which is actually something discussed in the *next* comic, but from what we can tell here, you can acquire a key that will only be usable at a certain point in the future. If anyone is interested, I will consider doing a full "Behind the Scenes" comic where I explain the pseudoscience behind it.