Name: Jade Proxima Date of Birth: Approximately September-October 2062 (Age 29-ish as of Session 01) Pronouns: She/Her Bio: Little is known about her past, but these days she operates as a con artist, swindling rich suckers and trust fund kids out of their hard earned bitcoin. Apparently unique among the population of Gild City, Jade is highly proficient in magic. Lost her arm in an as-of-yet explained accident. Currently dating Claire.


Name: Claire Janessa Lockheart Date of Birth: 17 November, 2064 (27 as of Session 01) Pronouns: She/Her Bio: Genius, engineer, singer, and lover. Came out as trans and transitioned in college. Was recruited by the RAS Navy when her mass inverter was discovered to have applications in the field of lightweight heavy armor. Her research culminated in the development of the M-001 Heavy Mechanized Warrior platform prototype. As far as is known, Claire is also unique in that she is completely immune to all forms of magic. Currently dating Jade.


Name: Paco Date of Birth: Indeterminate Pronouns: He/Him Bio: This mysterious individual is known only as Paco, and appears to be a product of genetic engineering and cybernetics research. Started from the bottom, now he here.


Name: Thea Rodriguez Date of Birth - 14 May, 2068 (24 as of Session 02) Pronouns: They/Them Bio: When Thea was studying particle physics, Claire was their TA. When Thea went to their first pride event, Claire was their moral support. When Thea was blinded, Claire repurposed an AugRe headset into a neuro-optic interface to allow them to "see" again. Thea and Claire would be best friends, if it weren't for their mutual agreement to remain professionally distant, so that Claire could hire Thea as her assistant. Currently being courted by Julio at Vanguard.


Name: Jillie Foo, Lieutenant, US Navy Date of Birth: 9 July, 2067 (24 as of Session 02) Pronouns: He/They Bio: [Classified]


Date of Birth - 1 January, 2071 (22 as of Session 05) Pronouns: She/Her Bio: Political science student, activist, and revolutionary. Wrote her dissertation on the Cuban revolution and the lessons to be learned by modern-day communists wishing to overthrow the government. Was jailed for conspiring to bomb a government building. Never has fewer than three weapons on her person or within arm's reach. Asexual.