Indistinguishable – 01/11/2024

Virtuex Guardians

So, this is both a comic blog post, as well as a big announcement.

First, the comic commentary. I like to imagine that this AI came into existence on the same server as the Pretty Cure fan wiki. Because obviously you need a team of 3 or more magical girls. OBVIOUSLY.

The first anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon. Rayearth and Utena came next, then within the past year or so I've gotten into Precure and Nanoha. Magical girl anime is one of, if not my favorite genres. (Giant mechs and Sukeban series are also in the running)

If that wasn't a clear setup for it, I have an announcement as well!

I am starting a spin-off comic, set in the Indistinguishable universe! The series will be called Virtuex Guardians, and will star Hannah/Crimson Groove as the leader of a group of tech-powered magical girls fighting the forces of an evil AI. Set in Gild City, Tokyo, and beyond, this will *definitely* be more anime and superhero-inspired. Indistinguishable will largely be moving to Old Town and the badlands in future episodes, so there is room for crossovers in the future but they will be telling separate stories by and large.

This comic will be hosted separately on its own site, and each issue will hopefully be a bimonthly (every other month) release, but subscribers of the Virtuex Guardians patreon will receive access to each page as it’s completed!

Issues will be formatted for printing from the outset, and my hope is to make print editions of VG available at some point in the future. This is a big, ambitious project, and I am *really* excited to be working on it and sharing it with you all!

The goal is to keep working on both comics concurrently, and I am hoping that with your support, I’ll be able to! Indistinguishable will always be the primary focus, and it’s a story that I desperately want to tell. I would rather delay an issue of VG by a month than miss updates on the main comic. So don’t worry, if magical girls and anime aren’t your cup of tea, this series here will always keep going!

As it stands, I have character designs made for two or three other characters right now, as well as the cover image for the first issue below!

I am beyond excited to bring this to you all. I plan on working on it after Session 06 is finished (which still has a while left), so stay tuned for updates!

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