Indistinguishable – 02/10/2023

The Old Town Road

Old Town has been mentioned a few times in the comic, but never really explained. We'll be visiting there, soon, and learning more about it. For now, I think Thea is worried about their side gig being discovered...

For now, I'll let some high-level stuff slip. Old Town is what happened to San Francisco after the 2nd corporate war. After the city was bombed into near-oblivion, what survivors were left abandoned the land, and the land was sold to an eccentric private developer, who walled off the city and did not rejoin the American States after the reunification.

Coincidentally, the moneyed interests in San Francisco were the founders of Gild City, where Jade and the rest of the crew currently live. Gild City is in the former Bay Area outside of Old Town, within easy travel distance.

Essentially, Old Town is analogous to Night City from the Cyberpunk series. One of the two Free Cities that remain in the Reunited American States, full of crime and out of control capitalism. It's also THE place to be if you want to live on the edge.

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