Indistinguishable – 03/28/2024 – Too Much Talking

Too Much Talking

I never said Jillina was one of the good guys. Or that anyone in the comic is anywhere near the top third of the standard D&D alignment chart, for that matter.

Oh! Fun announcement! Next Saturday, April 6th, I'm tabling at my first convention promoting Indistinguishable and Virtuex Guardians! It'll be at Louisvillecon, a one-day convention in Louisville, KY. I don't think I have a huge local reader base, but if you're nearby feel free to stop by and say hello! I'll have prints and stickers for sale, but I am expecting a pretty low-key event, mainly to get the word out! <3 I'm hoping to start doing more of these in the future, too, so if you'd like to see me at a con near you, let me know!

Next week's comics will be up as usual, but the following Monday (the 8th) may be delayed to Tuesday depending on how exhausted I am afterward.

2 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 03/28/2024 – Too Much Talking

  1. This is what you get for giving a fuck, old man. Death from a crazy bitch. And of course she’ll feel no remorse.

  2. So she was going to have a meltdown and shoot someone on that street, regardless.

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