Indistinguishable – 03/31/2023

In another dimension, detached from spacetime itself..

Jade's journey through...the timeline? Elseworlds? The Furthest Ring? Who knows what this place is, or what it's called, is nearing its conclusion. And with the reveal of where she intends to rewind time to...that opens up a lot of questions. How much damage is Jade's temporal interference going to cause? How big of a Paradox can she safely contain? We'll have to see.

Just a heads up, when these two scenes finish, that will be the end of Session 5. I'm aiming to post the last update on Thursday, April 27, Indistinguishable's 2-year anniversary! That might also mean some BIG comics between now and then. I'll be taking 2-3 weeks off before kicking off Session 6, which I'm really excited for! I might have some filler posting here and there, so keep checking in!

Also, when Session 6 starts, I will be changing the update schedule to Mondays and Thursdays. I would really like to move to 3 comics a week, but as of right now, I would need some serious financial support to make that happen. (merch will also be happening soon, y'all!)

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