Indistinguishable – 04/27/2023

So, another session finished.

Session 5 started on April 22, 2022. Over a year ago now, and aside from a couple emergencies last year, I haven’t missed very many updates at all. So this storyline right here, the loop we just closed, represents the entire second year of Indistinguishable.

We’ve set up a lot, and… retconned it. Sort of. Jillie is still in trouble, whatever caused his meltdown is still a mystery, although I don’t think Claire is interested in any further magical exploration of his condition…or anything, at this point. Jade is dealing with a heartbreak that she doesn’t know how to express, on top of everything she just went through as well.

The Ashen Legion is still a major player, Thea still works for them, and they want Claire to join.

Claire’s memories of the “day that never happened” are yet to be explored, but I think it’s safe to say she will remember that encounter with the mysterious invisible woman..who we hopefully won’t ever see again.

Whatever Jade did, whatever happened…I don’t think Claire knew what she was getting into with this relationship. But, love does things to you.

So I guess I should talk about what comes next, and when.

To get the easy part out of the way, Session 6 starts on Monday, May 15. Starting from then on, Indistinguishable will be a Monday/Thursday comic.

As far as what will happen in Session 6, I’m gonna say probably “a lot more” and “a lot faster”. I had a lot of short updates with very few panels, very little dialogue, or both in the past few scenes. I want to improve my workflow and try to get more content made quicker, so updates can feel more impactful, or at least have more going on in them.

I’m still fleshing out the content for Session 6 as I write this, so I won’t spoil anything. I will say, though, that while Chapter 1 introduced the situation with Jillie, and so far Chapter 2 has been exploring it, Session 6 will also focus on Jade’s *current* life in a way we haven’t really so far.

Also, as is tradition, some of the main cast are getting new looks :) I’ll be previewing these in my Discord server as well as a few other places. So far I know Claire is getting at least 2 new outfits, Jade is getting at least 1, and they’re both getting new hairstyles. Jillie is also getting a new outfit, as is Lilah (who we’ll be seeing a lot more of!). Their old looks are far from gone, though, I just like to keep them fresh.

Anyway, for all who have stuck around, thank you so much! I look forward to continuing the story with you in the future!

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