Indistinguishable – 05/13/2024

Nothing Too Important

Claire's difficulty in reconciling what she experienced that night vs. what she can tell people about is going to be an ongoing issue I feel like, unless something major happens. Trying to figure out how to reconcile that on my end, too, especially as I'm plotting out the end of this session.


Thinking about trying some new things with this next scene as far as paneling goes. I am considering taking a pretty significant hiatus after Chapter 2 finishes, or slowing the update schedule for Sesison 8/Chapter 3 initially, and reformatting the whole comic in a more traditional paged format, which would also give me an opportunity to look into printing options as well as update some of the art from early on when I was still very new to Daz. I'm already learning about setting up paneling for Virtuex Guardians, so I feel like it might be easier to just have one workflow that works for both comics. Since I'm not sure whether to do this or not, I would like to get some feedback from people as I start making attempts. Another reason to join the Discord, perhaps?

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