Indistinguishable – 05/15/2023

Session 06 Begin

It's been just over a month since that night in the club, and as we can see, Jade has made some changes to her look. We'll see who she's worried about the reaction of next time, but for now, it's clear that Jade is working on something.

In my research on (fictional) cybernetic limb replacements, there's a concept I keep running into that seems to be applicable to Jade. There is a point when the person stops thinking of a replacement as a piece of equipment, and starts thinking of it as part of their actual body. I think how quickly that happens depends on how noticeably different in appearance and functionality it is from a natural one, and I think that a part of Jade is at that point, while another part of her is strongly rejecting it.

We'll see Claire and the rest of the crew soon, don't worry! Lots happening in this session, we have a lot of ground to cover and a lot to work on!

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