Indistinguishable – 06/03/2022

Things have changed...

In case you haven't read the most recent sidecut, there was a sense of urgency near the end of Lilah's speech at the rally. Whatever happened that caused them to need a lot of high-tech facewear, we'll have to wait and find out next time!

Blaze is more of an info broker than an arms dealer, so she's referring them to Jillina, a fixer who likes to get a little more hands-on.

Since it's never really been explained, Bitcoin "coins" has become the official currency of the Reformed USA; but most transactions in the underworld are dealt with in boullion (precious metals) or grit (small diamonds, under about 1/4 ct.) although some foreign currencies are also traded (Eddies, as Blaze mentioned).

Next Friday comic update will be Jade and Claire! Jillie should be getting there soon, too, but I haven't rendered that scene yet >.>

5 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 06/03/2022

  1. Yay! Up to date with a new, good looking, webic 😀
    Will keep coming back (and voting) as often as can

  2. Could be worse, dogecoins could have been the fake virtual currency that survived 😛
    Um, what are ‘Eddies’? Is it slang for some countries current currency?

    1. Eddies are Eurodollars. Slang was borrowed from Cyberpunk 2020/Red/2077, which this part of the world is inspired by.

      1. Thank you, never played those games

  3. The offer better be good…

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