Indistinguishable – 06/22/2021

Welcome Back, Jade!

It's been a while since we last saw Jade, but of course we're circling back around to her. She is, ostensibly, the main character of the comic after all. One thing that I've discovered after working on the comic is that sometimes your side characters have their own interesting stories that don't involve the main character *at all*. At least, not at first. Characters like Thea were supposed to be one-offs, and Julio was only meant to be a name dropped in one or two comics. Now it turns out they're interacting and have personalities and genders and everything!

And yes, going forward, I plan on having more interesting blog posts like this. (for certain values of the word "interesting", that is)

Technical bits

So, this set of comic panels was made a while ago, before I switched my workflow, so there are a few differences between the Jade in this page and the Jade in future pages. Namely, her skin shader was updated and as a result the color is slightly different and less translucent. I would've redone these panels, but the files I had would have to be completely rebuilt from scratch, as I didn't save my work properly back then. (I know, I know). The changes are minor enough that I probably could've gotten away with not mentioning it, but I figure some of you are probably interested in the technical work that goes into making the comic. I'm planning on making a video on how a scene is constructed at some point, because I enjoy the process and I like involving my readers in it :D

2 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 06/22/2021

  1. idk didnt her spell kinda not work on the crpyto dude if her scam didnt work idk why shes surprised it didnt work on her

    1. It did work on the crypto-guy, worked maybe too well

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