Indistinguishable – 06/26/2023

9 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 06/26/2023

  1. Query:
    If this is Scene_4, what happened to Scene_3?

    1. Decided the original order of the scenes didn’t work for me, and didn’t change filenames. tbh, I thought the filenames got stripped and didn’t show on here. Will need to fix that.

  2. Yeah, no more witch hunters… Right.

  3. For my future reference, will you be renaming the scenes, to reflect the sequence that you’ve chosen?

    1. I think the rest of this scene will be named wrong because it’s already uploaded and scheduled, I’m looking for something to strip the filenames when I upload them in the future though.

  4. Hi. I noticed this comic has a news feed on it, and while the comments feeds seem to be fine, the main comic feed has nothing in it. Would it be possible to get the main feed working cos *blush* I sorta rely on those due to have a lot of comics

    1. I did not know it wasn’t working (I don’t use an RSS reader, so I had no idea) but I am trying to figure it out. Will reply again when I figure it out.

    2. So, I went ahead and added a link directly to it in the header menu, and I *think* it works, let me know if it’s still broken.

      1. Thank you so much, that works great! *dances*

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