Indistinguishable – 07/03/2023

Hi Hannah!

Meet Hannah! She lives in Jade's building, and is a little jumpy.

She is also deaf, and Jade wasn't sure the best way to get her attention. That led to...overreaction.


So, I don't know ASL very well. For the next couple updates, you will see the end result of me googling "(particular phrase) in ASL" and doing my best to translate frames from that into Daz poses. I sincerely apologize if these are way the fuck off but I'm trying to do my best. Please bear with me.

Don't forget to send in your Q&A questions!

5 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 07/03/2023

  1. Stomping. Stomping is a good way to let a deaf person know someone is approaching, at least if the floor will conduct the vibration (doesn’t work so well on dirt). Just don’t wait until you’re right next to them.

    1. Jade being barefoot might have also made that a bit more difficult, but I’ll remember that in the future IRL as well!

  2. Am I the only one for whom this page doesn’t load correctly? I’m seeing three sub-pages in a big vertical scroll, and the second one is hidden behind this comment form and the ko-fi window.

    1. I think I have it fixed now, sorry about that! Dealing with 2 wordpress plugins that don’t always want to get along well. I had it fixed earlier, but I just purged the CDN cache so it should be displaying properly to everyone now.

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