Indistinguishable – 07/06/2021

Disarm me with a smile

Claire just has one of those faces, no?
If you remember, seeing and hearing Claire for the first time was an almost religious experience for Jade. So Jade has an innate desire for Claire to be genuine, and Claire seems to be backing up that desire by, well, being genuine. Sorry if you thought this whole thing was a bit of a red herring.


As we enter into Jade and Claire's second meeting, we are also entering the last bit of Chapter 1 of Indistinguishable. There should be enough left to finish out July and get into August, but when Chapter 1 is finished, I will be taking a break for a while as I set up Chapter 2 and beyond. Arguably, going by length, this could all be considered the prologue to the main story, as Chapter 2 is hopefully going to be much longer, more ambitious, and more adventurous. I estimate the break will be about a month, but I will be updating with some filler art and pinups that I make in my downtime, and I'll be posting some previews and behind-the-scenes shots on Patreon.

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