Indistinguishable – 07/08/2024

Everyone has a past..

Lilah's backstory is one that has gone through many revisions in my head leading up to this one. I originally wanted her to be a rebellious heiress of some serious old-money family who initially got involved with the revolutionary army out of spite. I think this is much better, lends itself well to her activist/rebel leader position now, and grounds her more in the harsh reality of the world she inhabits.

It also explains the excessive stylization of her character design, something I always wanted to comment on and have an in-fiction explanation for. Her facial expressions are pretty limited compared to other characters, so I have to be more selective with how she emotes, and translating that into the fiction implies that she has physical difficulty, say, opening her mouth as much as other people. This wasn't something I thought about when designing her initially (she was the second named character I made, before Claire, Jillie, or anyone else, so early days for me working in Daz), so it's something I have to adjust for when working with her.

One thought on “Indistinguishable – 07/08/2024

  1. I’m hard-pressed to imagine an answer that’ll make sense to Lilah:

    “… she’s the same unstable psycho who knifed me to death before the timeline was reset, & my life was redirected onto a different path…”

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