Indistinguishable – 07/10/2023

Dance Party!

Hannah's comment on Jade's apartment being so empty is, surprisingly, not a dig at my lack of Daz ability. If you remember, Jade's apartment used to be very cluttered and messy (Incidentally, I should go back and edit those early comics...woof). I intentionally cleared it out as a signifier of her preparing for Claire (and all of Claire's belongings) moving in with her.

It does give her a lot of room for activities, though. Like, SO MUCH room!

Also, yes. Jade texts with finger-gestures. Her Agent is her display, more convenient than her phone in this instance. Hannah's system is a bit larger because of personal preference and lack of cyberware implants.

Better get on those Q&A questions! Submissions are open through the end of this scene :D

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