Indistinguishable – 07/24/2023

NOOOOOO! Anything but that!

Oh no, she's straight! :'(

In the past, Jade might've been more worried about the whole daydream thing, but Hannah seems in the clear. Nice save there, Jade. Making up some bullshit to sound normal is pretty much how I get through any conversation on a daily basis.

Wait, what was that dark spot? Never mind, I'm sure it was nothing.

You're running out of time to get your Q&A questions in! I'll be taking a week off after this scene finishes to sort and filter the questions and get the Q&A scenes ready, so the cutoff is one week from today, the 31st!

2 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 07/24/2023

  1. She could still be bi/pan and poly! Maybe? Hopefully? Remotely possibly?

    1. The thought did cross my mind, but…

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