Indistinguishable – 07/30/2021

Eerily Quiet

Jade's really calling me out, huh? Ok, making populated areas is hard, purely from a technical perspective. Let's talk about it.

I'll admit, one of the most difficult parts of making a rendered comic in Daz Studio is dealing with constructing realistic amounts of people. The first scene in the comic had a sizable crowd in the bar, but it also gave me more trouble than I knew how to deal with just getting it rendered. This is largely a technical barrier, because each person added to a scene increases the complexity of the render significantly, and adding enough figures to populate a modern street without overloading my computer is impossible for me right now.

Chapter 2 and beyond are going to have a lot more characters in a much larger ensemble cast, and I'm going to have to figure this out. That's one of the major things I'm going to be learning while I'm off between chapters.

4 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 07/30/2021

  1. Does Daz_Studio allow you to build separate layers?

    1. Not inside Daz, you can cobble together multiple images in photoshop but it’s tricky getting shadows to line up and adds a lot of time to a pretty tight workflow. That said, I’ve gotten a lot better at populating scenes since I first started.

  2. Nakatomi building, eh? Fan of ‘Die Hard’?

    1. Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho.

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