Indistinguishable – 08/06/2021 – End of Chapter 1

End of Chapter 1

And so ends Chapter 1, which I will give a proper title at some point. And with this update, I begin my break. I anticipate this break will end mid-late September.

I'm going on vacation with my partner, who has been extremely supportive and patient with me as I spend hours every day between Daz and Photoshop making this comic.
Most importantly, though, I'm not disappearing while I'm off, aside from the week I'm literally disconnecting from technology and enjoying time with my partner. I'll be posting filler art on here pretty regularly as I make it.

I want to take the opportunity to thank my good friends JillieFoo (basis for the character of Jillie *and* Jillie's sibling Jillina, who will be introduced in Chapter 2), Paco (likewise an inspiration for Paco in the comic), Snake, Clever, Okaro, and everyone else in the Turbo Nerds group who has been there almost every night, keeping me company on the late nights I spend working on this comic.

Now, get ready for Chapter 2. It's gonna be incredible!

-Jade (the real one) out.


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