Indistinguishable – 08/17/2023

Spooky Meeting Time!

So, many of you might have forgotten who General Blumenkranz is. He was only mentioned and briefly featured in one comic, early in Chapter 1. He's very clearly linked somehow to Jillie's whole...situation. Whatever that is.

So what's going on here? Who is it that's meeting, discussing units Zero-One and Zero-Two? (not Kamen Rider references, I promise!) And what's all this about Bio-AI? And what does this have to do with Claire?

I know all the answers to these questions, and I amĀ shaking with anticipation for where this is going.

2 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 08/17/2023

  1. It really defeats the purpose of having shadowy secret meetings if you’re going to audibly name attendees. The whole point of a secret shadowy meeting is that everybody already knows each other and that no names are used so that anybody listening somehow or recording unofficially gets more than voices to identify the participants by. These guys really need to up their secret meetings game!

    1. I like to imagine this is just how they hold meetings. “Hey guys, we’re having a meeting to discuss the TPS projections for Q2, we’ll be in the shadowy villain cave of course…”

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