Indistinguishable – 09/17/2021

The Moms

Meet Hera and Magda, Jade's adoptive parents. Someday, what happened to her that put her in that place might be explored. Suffice to say, Jade was indeed loved by her moms, each in their own way.

For those who had trouble following the events of the last update, Jade (as a baby) managed to crawl through a magical barrier that she shouldn't have been able to, but for whatever reason did. The barrier's effects will be explained in a few weeks, but suffice to say that nobody should've been able to see that there was a barrier, or any sort of life within it.

The flashback sequence is almost over, and there will be a little bit more later on, but we'll be back to the main story soon! Enjoy <3

    • And yes, Pokémon is still relevant in 2092. 

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