Indistinguishable – 09/21/2021

Magic? Pfft.

Magic is *obviously* fake, right? Jade *has* to be lying, of course. Claire's too smart to just accept it at face value.

Also, this is the debut of the new skin for Claire! I like it a lot better, actually, really steps up the realism of her character IMO.

Shop Talk

I don't anticipate any other existing characters getting a sudden appearance shift without an in-fiction reason. I just wanted to fix Claire, as she was one of the first characters I made, and when I made "v2", I still used the original skin texture that came with the "v1" character.

Claire's model is one I'm really happy with, but it needed some work. Looking through some of her earlier appearances, her clothes had weird polygon issues, which I think I've fixed now. If anything comes up and I need to change anything about her geometry or mesh again, or any other extant character needs tweaking, I'll try to make it less of a big deal and only talk about it in the Shop Talk sections.

2 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 09/21/2021

  1. Having in-world explanations for why a character looks different is important for me
    Merceneiress (another 3d science fiction webic) had changed the main characters’ appearance a few times, but each time had an in-world explanation (first time was due to her being caught in an explosion)

    1. I truly do get that, and if I ever need to in the future there will be a reason, this was mostly to fix a technical problem and get away from using a low quality texture (compared to the rest of the characters, at least). Claire was the second character I ever made in Daz, so a lot of her design had some technical problems that I didn’t realize until I got better at it.

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