Indistinguishable – 09/21/2023

Just a real stick in the mud >:(

Claire has always been a relatively serious person, and I think it's gotten worse over the past month or so since she and Jade split. Maybe.

Also, did she say she's seeing someone else? Well, we've seen that she moves fast before, but is that just how it is now? Has she really moved on? Time will tell. For now, we're gonna see how someone else is doing..


I'm not a big fan of the light trail effect I did for the last panel, but I'm probably gonna stick with doing it that way. I wasn't sure how else to show that Claire was zipping through traffic recklessly.

2 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 09/21/2023

  1. If you don’t like the light trail, perhaps you could remove the central portion, & have only the semi-parallel trails of the 2 taillights?
    …or would that just be more work for you?
    I’m not familiar with the rendering software involved, just thinking about what traffic looks like in time lapse photos.

    1. That…might actually work. It was a quick photoshop thing that I spent entirely too long trying to figure out, but I will play with it and see in the future.

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