Indistinguishable – 10/15/2021

The G-word

Not shown: the squeak Jade made as soon as her brain processed the word "girlfriend".

If you remember, Jade had a bit of a breakdown just a few hours ago, knowing with absolute certainty that she'd never see Claire again, and now...girlfriend? Openness? Meeting friends? She never thought this could be her real life. It's like a dream come true.

Also, today, October 15, is my birthday! I'm taking a few days off, so the next update will be on Friday, October 22. I don't plan on making this a regular thing, but I have the opportunity to do something fun with my partner and we want to take the time together.

shop talk

I noticed some weird effects when doing color correction for these past few comics. Especially when Aaron is in the scene, it's hard to get an exposure level that both matches the color balance in the other shots, and shows the detail in his face. This is a rendered form of something that happens in real photography when photographing both light- and dark-skinned people in the same scene, especially with indoor lighting. Aaron's skin texture is darker than any others in my library, and I was unaware of the issue until these images were rendered and in post-processing.

In the future, I plan on handling color correction and exposure better, to prevent this issue.

One thought on “Indistinguishable – 10/15/2021

  1. yeah, having a crush drop the romantic xyz-friend word can be a brain-reset time :}

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