Indistinguishable – 10/26/2021


Yeah, Claire's a fucking anime nerd, with a soft spot for mecha anime. And a lot of this office is her going through the motions of what a "CEO" should have in their office. Degrees on the wall, product mockups, etc. but she just wants to read and have anime shit all over the place.

Shop Talk

Fun fact: That mecha model and the product mockup models are scaled down ridiculously little from the assets they're from. Deleting them from the scene increases the load time and scene size tremendously.

2 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 10/26/2021

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    1. Well, yeah. lol. I just thought it was fun. Plus, science fiction handwaves stuff like that constantly. I could make up some babble to make it sound “right” but meh. cyber-chillers that run on neo-freon or whatever. I just liked the morgue asset and thought it’d be fun to repurpose it like that 🙂

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