Indistinguishable – 11/02/2023


edit: sorry about the weird upload, some wires got crossed when I was uploading the comic and the blog post showed up in place of the desktop version. Should be fixed now!

I always love how beautiful magic is :3

This scene is going to be mostly about the visuals, I like doing this every so often. Sometimes the story progresses more quickly in a few monologue/dialogue-heavy panels, and sometimes we need to just sit back and look at pretty colors for a while.

Also, this is a trade-off for not slowing down the comic during peak season at work this year. Previous years I've had to skip updates or go to once a week updates, but due to the placement of this scene (and the one after) I should be able to keep a normal update schedule throughout the end of the year.

2 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 11/02/2023

  1. Runes, Greek alphabet, and… Fëanorian script

    1. The Daz asset wombo combo

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