Indistinguishable – 11/18/2022

Oh, Hello Jade!

First rule of time travel: Do not interact with yourself under any circumstances!

Although, Jade wouldn't have noticed her future self while she was in her bubble..

I wanted to take the opportunity to announce the next Indistinguishable Sidecut, which will be in the works after the first of the year. It'll run parallel to the main comic, updating on Tuesdays with main comics posting on Fridays!

It will tentatively be titled:

Indistinguishable: The Trials of Paradox

and document the trials Jade went through in her quest to become a fully fledged Witch of Paradox House.

I'm excited to work on developing this, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Anyway, more comics next week, then we'll be going to once a week until Christmas week <3

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