Indistinguishable – 11/22/2022


As I mentioned in Friday's post, I'm currently gearing up for a short Teenager Jade adventure I'm tentatively calling "The Trials of Paradox". I feel like this glimpse into her past we're seeing here is a good way to set expectations for the way she was back then.

For reference, this is taking place when Jade is around 16-17, and preparing for the trials that begin on her 18th birthday*. Knowledge is power, and all that. Also gotta love the general disdain for parental figures as a teenager, combined with that outfit...was Jade a goth? Probably. Was I a goth at 17? We're not answering that.

*counting from when she was discovered as a baby; she is approximately 6-9 months older than that, but she and her moms have always counted her birthdays from then.

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