Indistinguishable – 12/04/2023

Now we're getting somewhere..

This earring certainly has a lot to say. It's a bit upset with Hannah for ignoring it, but seems to change its tune when it realizes Hannah can't hear.

2 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – 12/04/2023

  1. Love this web comic. It hits all my criteria – artwork, story, characters, Thank you for creating and sharing with us.
    minor typo panel 4 – “might”
    a quibble – often the illustrations are dark (illumination, not subject matter) and hard to discern unless I angle my screen just right.
    Thank you.

    1. Yeah, I meant for this scene to be quite dark but comparing my CCD that I use for editing to my crappy work laptop I realize how much got lost in translation. The rest of this scene should be more legible.

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