Indistinguishable – Q&A Part 3!

Chippin' In!

This week we're discussing cybernetics a little bit, and going into some of Jade's personal history.

Not a lot to say this week, as I've become a Baldur's Gate addict over the course of a single evening. Sorry about that.

I'm working on my personal avatar to insert into the comic for next week, we're gonna wrap this up in one fell swoop, so if you have any questions, Speak Now or forever hold your peace!

2 thoughts on “Indistinguishable – Q&A Part 3!

  1. RE: Panel_4, word-balloon 3…
    …it took me a few tries to focus my tired old eyes, but it looks like “…thea usually…” might be missing a space between the words…?

    1. Whoops! Think I got it fixed, moved some wording around as well.

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